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SE MN ALC Proud to Endorse in 2022 Election

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Woman in hijab holding a sign which states Voters Decide

Every union has a foundation story of how a few workers got together to benefit themselves, their coworkers, and their families. Union members understand democracy is about people and people power. Nothing less than democracy is on the ballot this November and that is why we are proud to support candidates who stand with workers. Among the candidates in SE Minnesota this year are several current and former union members; Tim Walz, Julie Blaha, Luke Frederick, Mary Hinnenkamp, and Kim Hicks. We urge you to vote for these union endorsed candidates this November.

Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan - Governor and Lieutenant Governor 

Keith Ellison - Attorney General

Steve Simon - Secretary of State

Julie Blaha - State Auditor

Jeff Ettinger - Congress MN1

Nick Frentz - State Senate SD18

Jeff Brand - State House HD 18A

Luke Frederick - State House HD18B

Laurel Stinson - State House HD 20A

Mary Hinnenkamp - State House HD 23A

Tom Stiehm - State House HD 23B

Liz Bolden - State Senate SD25

Kim Hicks - State House HD 25A